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At Tucson Rental Homes, we're here to serve you. That's why our Rental Application Process is quick, easy and 95% of the time, we answer in less than 30 minutes! While other firms create longer forms, higher fees, and longer processing times, we focus on providing you with prompt, courteous and efficient treatment. Always! Rest assured that you'll hear from us quickly upon receipt of a fully filled out Application (Typically same day or, always within 24 hours.) Application is secure and confidential.

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of all other persons who
will occupy the premises

How Many Pets?   Pet Names Breed Age(s) Weight (s)
  Have you ever breached prior rental agreements?   Yes No
  Have you ever had eviction proceedings brought against you?   Yes No If yes explain
  Have you ever been arrested or convicted for a criminal offence?   Yes No If yes explain
  Have you ever filed bankruptcy?   Yes   No Any judgments or collections against you?   Yes No
Emergency Contact
(nearest family relative)
   Phone    How did you hear about us?   

Applicant   Date

I the undersigned, certify that the information given herein is for the confidential use of the management and is declared factual and true. (Management reserves the right to reject and/or terminate a Tenancy of any applicant because of misrepresentation.) By submitting this Rental Application, I give permission for my credit report and all other credit information to be examined, including income and residency verification. If this application is accepted, I will abide by all the rules and regulations of the management. I understand and agree that all deposit monies (in any form, cash, check and/or credit card) shall be forfeited in full as liquidated damage if I do not accept occupancy upon approval of this application.




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